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Personal Returns


Payment summaries. Bring both copies and please check that the Australian Business Number is present and legible

Statements of Benefit from Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and Family Assistance Office (FAO)

Details of any other income, e.g. Jury Duty, insurance payouts, tips, commission

Superannuation or allocated pension payments.  These include Statements of Termination Payment, ETP Payment Summaries, and Determinations of Reasonable Benefit Level.  There is also a summary with Allocated Pensions which shows the amount of Undeducted Purchase Price and the 15% Rebate, if any.  Life assurance or Friendly Society payouts and accompanying material

Interest from banks, credit unions, solicitors, finance companies etc*

Amounts received from trusts, whether a deceased estate or a Managed Fund.  In either case there should also be an Annual Summary, often with a set of instructions.  Bring it all!

Rental Property income and expenses.  Most landlord clients have received a separate worksheet from us *

Dividend statements.  Most companies pay twice each year, please bring the actual statements *

Details of any transaction with possible Capital Gains implications, e.g. the sale of shares, a shack or spare block of land


Receipts for Work Related Expenses such as clothing, tools, union dues, computers, software, dry cleaning, conferences, seminars, professional associations, reference books, sun protection gear.   Summarise these, using the headings in last year’s worksheets attached to your copy of last return.

Expenses relating to rental properties, entered on the worksheet available from us *

Details of use of private car, including any amount paid to you for that usage.  Log book, diary evidence required.

Superannuation, including policy number, amount paid and the letter from the Fund, with its TFN & ABN.

Costs of organising investment income, including bank and financial planning fees, technical journals, travel to meetings.

Income protection or disability insurance premiums, preferably with a letter from the salesman.

Distance travelled to last year’s tax agent and the fee charged.

 Payslips for the past year.


Rebates may be available for spouse, parents, medical expenses*, allocated pensions, living in a zone*, spouse super, low income aged person, Child Maintenance Expenses.  Please bring details.

Exemption from Medicare Levy if applicable.

Private Health Insurance.  Each fund is writing to its members with the details we will need.

Child Support payments made and received.

*  A worksheet is available to assist in organising the data we need.  Please ring and ask. Ph: (03) 6272 0855   Fax: (03) 6273 3407