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Business Valuation Services

Why Does my Business Need to be Valued?

  • To assist in your retirement and succession planning
  •  In order to meet finance/lending requirements
  •  To facilitate business and/or personal separations
  • For the purposes of sale to an employee or a third party

Understanding the true value of your business is a crucial and important procedure to a successful sales process. Business valuations services are seek by majority of business owners as a regular measuring stick of success and progression. Planning well ahead of the eventual sale date can assist in breaching the difference between today’s value and the value you would like to achieve in the future.

What is the Process?

The Tax Counter’s valuation process meets the new International and Australian accounting Professional and Ethical Valuation Services Standards (APES 225). We determine the most appropriate method of valuation based on an understanding of the industry and the reason for the valuation. We then assess the financial data and eliminate any non relevant transactions and non business assets. The risk and value drivers are determined by completing a detailed questionnaire which is combined with:

  • Business cost of funds
  • Applicable taxation rate
  • Free cashflow from the business

This enables us to produce a calculated maintainable earnings as well as a calculated multiple of earnings (the capitalisation rate), to provide an accurate & industry accepted Business Valuation Report. If you would like us to value your business, contact us now!